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Anyone can cook” – said Gustave Gusteau in Ratatouille, and we completely believe in it. All you need is good quality ingredients and guidance and that’s exactly what we do. We have created our mixes to make sure that a perfect cake or a pancake is made in every household… fresh and homemade!  The Daily Gourmet mixes are packaged “recipes” and not packaged food by any means.

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Chef Radhicka Agarwaal

Gauricka Agarwaal

The idea behind the brand is to encourage more people to bake and make at home because...

Happiness is Homemade!

Started by two sisters Radhicka and Gauricka,  with a passion to make people eat fresh and revive a forgotten trend – homemade. We add absolutely no preservatives and if it makes you feel any better, your mixes are not made using any heavy machinery. They are, in fact, handmade too.


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Hand Made

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Preservative Free

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Recipe in a Box

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Quick & Easy

The Daily Gourmet mixes are completely preservative free and handmade. We are an artisanal brand originating in the foothills of the splendid Himalayas working only with the local people. Go ahead and cook with confidence because these mixes are made with infallible recipes and organic flour. We have something for everybody – vanilla, chocolate, double chocolate, whole wheat, cranberry and a number of other variants and products.

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