homemade cranberry cookies with white chocolate chip

Bake your cookies & eat them too



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Pancake & Waffle Mixes

Classic & Eggless Pancake Mixes. You can also make fantastic waffles with these.


Introducing the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and the the Cranberry & White Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. The perfect companion for your tea and coffee sessions this winter. Super easy to make! 


Cake & Brownie Mixes

Classic & Eggless cakes. These are also cupcake mixes and come with the recipes for cupcakes, truffle cake and Victoria Sandwich

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Muffin  Mixes

Wholesome healthy muffin mixes. Soft & crumbly. Make your own, because happiness is homemade!

Seasonal Products

Perfect way to make a warm glass of mulled wine this winter with our easy to use instant and handmade spice bags. 

Mulling Spice Mix

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hot chocolate Mix

Our signature hot chocolate mix powder is here. The easiest way to impress your guests with the perfect hot chocolate this winter.